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5 must-haves for an affiliate site

Besides a robust and interactive audience, there are other must-haves you need to incorporate on your website to make your affiliate marketing more profitable and effective. Here are the five tools and plug-ins you need to add on your website;
1. Adsanity

This plug-in has proved to be essential in ad management. Plenty of affiliate marketing websites on WordPress use it. It facilitates easy insertion of banners and posting videos, graphics, and other resources. It also manages your affiliate campaigns and schedules the length of each banner or Ad. After finishing the assignment, it produces a neat report on each unit’s performance.
2. Thirsty Affiliates

It is the link manager of affiliate marketing blogs on WordPress. With Thirsty Affiliates, you can quickly cloak links, add links in posts and even evaluate the performance of each link. The plug-in also helps you sort your links and group them in categories.
3. OptinMonster

This plug-in builds e-mail lists and places email sign-up forms in appropriate places. Other tasks carried out by OptinMonster is adding lightbox pop-ups, after-post sign-up forms, sidebar forms, floating bars among other things. You can also track the performance of each opt-in form and make your decisions accordingly.
4. Google Analytics

This is the most powerful freely available analytics plug-in. Google Analytics lets you see the number of people who have visited your site, run split tests, track conversations, track links and get insights on how users interact with the website.
5. Google Webmaster Tools

Search engines are a great source of traffic for blogs and websites. It is good to know how search engines view your affiliate marketing website. One tool to use is Google Webmaster. Actually, Google Webmaster is a group of tools that help users see how their websites are crawled, how the pages are indexed and the performance of keywords. Google Webmaster can also identify if there is a malfunction in your website.

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