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tourism framework for change

tourism framework for change

In 2005, The Tourism Framework for Change (TFFC) was established and it emerged from a strategy for tourism based around an industry wide growth target of 50% growth by 2015.

View or download the Tourism Framework for Change

The TFFC was developed as a vehicle to remove barriers, build successful strategies and partnerships and to provide a focus for the industry to work in partnership with the public sector.  It therefore broadly sets out the priorities that the industry needs to focus on to produce real change in Scottish tourism.

The success of TFFC depends on close working relationships between the private and public sector if a real ‘step’ change is to be achieved then local activity throughout Scotland needs to be embraced and constructively supported.  There is a real need for the focus of the TFFC to be clear and relevant across the sector as there is an industry driven desire to bring together a wide and sometimes apparently divided sector into a united industry working together to unlock the huge economic potential that clearly exists within tourism in Scotland.

The TFFC would operate at the heart of the industry and it would provide the drive, direction and leadership that would allow the industry to make the crucial step change that would take the industry as a whole to a new level.

The approach would co-ordinate the needs of the grass roots and by making it a real and significant difference it would gain support from areas where scepticism of existing support structures may exist.

STF is bring together a new advisory group for the TFFC following the review carried out earlier this year by STF.  The industry group will oversea the implementation of the review and the three key groupings of customer experience, investment and marketing.

View or download the TFFC Review document.